About Us

PUREBAKE are importers and distributors of high quality bakery products. Its premium flour products are made from the best wheat fields of North America and milled by one of the world's largest flour mill.

PUREBAKE values long term relationships with customers and treats employees as family. From its inception in mid 2012 its customer base rapidly grew to over three hundred bakeries, retail chain and multinational food corporations.

PUREBAKE operates in Metro Manila and nearby regions, Bicol, Leyte, Cebu and Palawan.

PUREBAKE has its people as its best asset. The company has technical experts, experienced bakers and seasoned sales agents available and ready to assist all its customers in their demand for quality products and service, from the mom and pop store around the corner to the more sophisticated food manufacturer and restaurant chain.

PUREBAKE is proud to promote its own premium brands: Purity, Purewhite and Presidente.

PUREBAKE is backed exclusively by Bogasari Flour Mills, an Indonesian company situated in the heart of Jakarta and a division of global food giant Indofood, with over a hundred silos over thirty hectares of plant, generating millions of metric tons of flour a month and more than the total consumption of the Philippine population.

PUREBAKE believes… The best recipes start with the best flour.

Our Mission

To become the Leading Importer of the best quality flour in the Philippines and to provide our customers with value added service, convenience and innovation.

Our commitment to delivering quality products starts with partnering with only the best suppliers around the globe. Our dedication to customer service is what sets us apart from the competition.

The cornerstone of our business comes from our three P’s – People, Product and Process.

Our People are our family, our Products are of the highest quality and our Processes are supported by leading edge innovation and technology.

Investing in our three P’s ensures healthy returns to our shareholders and provides a great working environment to our people.